20 underwater pictures that illuminate creatures dwelling at nighttime depths

20 underwater photos that illuminate creatures dwelling in the dark depths

Underwater images is not any simple feat, particularly at nighttime.

However the photographers featured within the annual Underwater Photographer of the 12 months competitors handle to light up the darkish depths, uncovering only a skerrick of the creatures that dwell beneath the floor — one marine scientists admit we have “barely scratched.”

The UK-based competitors has celebrated underwater images since 1965, attracting photographers from everywhere in the globe. There are 13 classes within the competitors together with macro, huge angle, portrait, behaviour, marine conservation, and wreck images, and there are 4 which can be particularly devoted to British waters. 

American photographer Renee Capozzola took the Underwater Photographer of the 12 months title for her beautiful picture “Shark’s Skylight,” which was shot in August 2020 on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia.

“In French Polynesia there’s strong legal protection for sharks, permitting them to thrive and steadiness the marine ecosystem,” Capozzola’s assertion reads. “I spent a number of evenings within the shallows at sundown, hoping to seize one thing distinctive…Since many shark species are threatened with extinction, it’s my hope that pictures of those lovely animals will assist promote their conservation.”

This is the successful photograph under, together with among the different successful and runner-up pictures that we completely love. Every will remind you of precisely what now we have to lose if we do not deal with local weather change instantly, as oceans take significant strain from an unrelentingly warming planet.

“Shark’s Skylight” by Renee Capozzola. Taken on Moorea, French Polynesia. Underwater Photographer of the 12 months.


“Tying in” by SJ Alice Bennett. Taken at Cenote Mayan Blue, Sistema Ox Bel Ha, Tulum, Mexico. Up and Coming Underwater Photographer of the 12 months.

Picture: SJ Alice Bennett / upy 2021

“When you sleep” by Mark Kirkland. Taken at Malls Mire, Glasgow, Scotland. British Underwater Photographer of the 12 months.

Picture: Mark Kirkland / UPY 2021

“Jellyfish galore” by Oleg Gaponyuk. Taken at Jellyfish Lake, Palau.

Picture: Oleg Gaponyuk / UPY 2021

“Gothic Chamber” by Martin Broen, Taken at Cenote Monkey Mud, Mexico.

Picture: martin broen / upy 2021

“Larval lionfish” by Steven Kovacs. Taken at Palm Seashore, Florida, U.S.

Picture: Steven Kovacs / UPY 2021

“Gray seal gully” by Kirsty Andrews. Taken at Farne Islands, Northumberland, UK.

Picture: Kirsty Andrews / UPY 2021

“Doule (Kuhlia Rupestris) close to the floor” by Jack Berthomier. Taken at Ouenghi River, New Caledonia.

Picture: Jack BERTHOMIER / UPY 2021

“Crab affairs” by Atanas Petrov. Taken on the SS Rosalie, England, UK.

Picture: Atanas Petrov / UPY 2021

“Dawn mute swan feeding underwater” by Ian Wade. Taken at St Georges Park, Bristol, UK.

Picture: Ian Wade / UPY 2021

“Rainbow goby” by ManBd. Taken at Lembeh, Indonesia.

“Golden hour on the Georgios” by Renee Capozzola. Taken at Neom, Saudi Arabia.

Picture: Renee Capozzola / UPY 2021

“Head to head” by JingGong Zhang. Taken at Minabe, Wakayama, Japan.

Picture:  JingGong Zhang / UPY 2021

“Reclaimed by the ocean” by Grant Thomas. Taken at Aqaba, Jordan.

Picture: Grant Thomas / UPY 2021

“Resplendence – Black browed Albatross” by Danny Lee. Taken at Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia.

Picture: Danny Lee – Submerged Photographs Tasmania / UPY 2021

“Dream ship” by Chien-Ting Hou. Taken at  Anilao, Philippines.

Picture: Chien-Ting Hou / upy 2021 

“Pinky” by Sandra Stalker. Taken at Portland Harbour, Dorset, UK.

Picture: Sandra Stalker / UPY 2021

“Bowlander” by Tobias Friedrich. Taken close to Nassau, Bahamas.

Picture: Tobias Friedrich / UPY 2021

“The nice migration” by Mark Kirkland. Taken at Isle of Coll, Internal Hebrides, Scotland.

Picture: Mark Kirkland / UPY 2021

“A striped marlin in a excessive velocity hunt in Mexico” by Karim Iliya. Taken in San Carlos, Baja, California, U.S.

Picture: Karim Iliya / UPY 2021

Check out the website if you would like to be taught extra concerning the tales behind the pictures.

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