14 List Building Freebie Ideas

Everyone loves a free gift, especially when it has obvious, true value. However, when it comes to coming up with the perfect list building freebie, you can sometimes come up dry. Here are 14 list building, free gift ideas that will catch your readers’ interest.

1. Create a Valuable PDF

Search through your list of blog posts, and select your most popular posts. If you have more than one post on a related subject, combine them into one larger piece. You can then turn the Word document into a PDF, which will make a valuable opt in bribe.

2. Use Jing, Screener or Screencast-O-Matic

Use these apps to produce videos based on screen-shots. Offering videos for your opt-in gifts will have a much higher value.

3. Again, Select Your Best Blog Posts For an MP3 Report

Podcasts are rapidly gaining in popularity as more people choose to listen to valuable content instead of reading printed material.

4. Buying Guide

Many people enjoy having someone lead them through the various steps in the buying process of a particular product, especially if it is a complex product.

5. You Might Consider Offering a Coupon

This would give an attractive discount to one of your valuable products.

6. Create a Course

It would be sent out by email, in lessons solving a particular problem over the course of a week.

7. You Can Offer a Teaser

It could be in the form of a preview to an eBook you’re writing or a product you own. This is an old tactic used in the offline world to get someone hooked on a product so that they will want to buy the item when you offer it for sale.

8. Create Your Own Original Content

You have many sources to research in order to create a short video and text products that have great utility and value when they address a single problem: one problem, one solution.

9. Create an App or Software

Find a particularly annoying, time-consuming problem, and get an app or software built to solve the problem.

10. Many People Love Checklists

Take an issue you are expert in and create a checklist for it.

11. Product Reviews

If done correctly and honestly, for a product or service, they are greatly appreciated… everyone’s leery of new product offerings, and an honest review facilitates the buying process.

If you own and use the product or service, you will have great credibility. Don’t forget to provide your affiliate link so your new list members can become buyers of your product.

12. Free Consultation

Taking a page from the offline services world, offer a free consultation. You are in fact performing a valuable service for free, and promoting your authority and expertise in the process.

13. Conduct an Interview

Your customers will appreciate the value of the information, and the point of view offered by an expert in your field. Your expert can offer insights not otherwise available to people who would become members of your list.

14. A Recent Trend Is the Use of Webinars

You can give access to one you are a part of, and these often lead to high ticket items which convert exceedingly well using this format. Plus you build your list in the process.

These are just a few ideas for valuable opt in freebies which you can use as a start in your list building process.

Make good use of these email sign up incentives, but make sure you take action!

Source by Juan A Rademacher

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