✅Made a free Spotify advert muting app for Android! ⬇

✅Made a free Spotify advert muting app for Android! ⬇

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6 thoughts on “✅Made a free Spotify advert muting app for Android! ⬇”

  1. Not a bad idea. Well done for pushing through, developing and publishing. I’m a developer myself and know it’s plenty of work. How was dealing with the Spotify API for you?

  2. Working on a large in depth review.

    Hour one so far so good.
    Please note I prefer YouTube music over Spotify so I may be biased towards YouTube music. That Being said it’s a review on a ad muter for Spotify. My personal preference doesn’t really matter.

  3. This is nice but just have someone to share the Duo plan on Spotify. It’s 9 euros for 2 premium accounts, so each person only has to pay 4.5 for what Spotify I think that’s really good deal

  4. The app works…sort of. Within the 1st hour of using it, it missed 7 ads, while muting 4 or 5. Galaxy A70 here, and yes I added the app in battery exceptions…

  5. But advertisers pay big money to bring you the content you enjoy in exchange for you to hear a small clip of who’s doing that for you. I don’t understand why you would purposely mute them after enjoying their services. This is a real douchebag thing to do. It may have been a good programming exercise for you, but to distribute this is shameful of you and quite frankly I’m disappointed and embarrassed. If you don’t want the ads you should pay for premium or uninstall the app. Despicable how I can pay to provide content and you can choose to mute when I want to tell you a little bit about my company as the only contingency.

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